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Hessler Residence

Kitchen Remodel - Kitchen Design, Supplied Cabinets

Product Line: Siteline Cabinetry

Late in 2021 my wife and I started a search for someone to redesign our 25 year old kitchen.  Out of all of the people/firms we met with to create our kitchen and family room, Randy was the one that took the time to “listen” to our ideas and what we really wanted to do with the space and interpret our concepts into a functional design.

Our ideas consisted of combining a dining area with the kitchen, eliminating a built-in pantry and opening up all of the rooms on the first floor of the house.  Randy put our ideas onto paper and gave us what we asked for, but included optional ideas that made our ideas even better.  It took a few iterations to get everything set and plans defined.

Randy’s patience with our lack of experience and vision was important to this process.  We had a lot of questions to work through before we were comfortable moving forward. 

We encountered a few hiccups through the construction process after opening walls and finding unexpected wiring issues and a hidden beam that interfered with the stove ventilation.  Randy helped find resolutions to these issues that didn’t impact our timeline or budget.

As usual, plans tend to change during a project.  Our kitchen was planned around some specific appliance choices that did not materialize.  Randy helped to reconfigure the island cabinets and pantry wall cabinets to compensate for the new appliances after the original cabinet order was placed.  Randy was available to support the installation process of the cabinetry answering all the questions the contractors had in a very timely manner.

Randy’s experience was evident in the ancillary pieces added to the order that supported the quality, fit and finish of the cabinets. This includes simple things like toe kicks and trim pieces, but also the end panels for the island and the trim needed for our library ladder.

I would definitely use Randy again to help with our next remodel project.


Eric H.

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